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Consolidate all your company debt into a schedule of repayments

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Pressure from company debt, creditors and HMRC often impacts a company’s ability to successfully operate commercially. When directors are pulled away from the business to talk to creditors and manage cashflow this sometimes even effects the day to day running of the company.

Get your business back on track with a company voluntary arrangement.  Also known as a CVA this is an official debt management tool that can be implemented by a licensed insolvency practitioner.  All your debt is consolidated into a single amount and then negotiations are put in place to agree satisfactory monthly repayments to all your creditors.

McTear Williams & Wood will help you successfully implement a CVA for your business. Thanks to our considerable expertise in this field, we understand the sensitivities of negotiating with your creditors to ensure you achieve the best result for the future of your business.

How it works

  • Demonstrate the means   - it is necessary for your business to show that it has the ability to meet monthly repayments – but how much and for how long? We have the experience to know what works.
  • Working with creditors   - we act as an independent third party aiding communication with your creditors in order to secure their consent.
  • Legal and accounting obligations   - in order to obtain support for a CVA you must be fully transparent and our expertise ensures that you are set up correctly to work with these procedures.

Your next step? 

Contact us and discuss a CVA at our offices near Corby. You will meet with one of our senior advisors skilled in this procedure to go through all the benefits and implications for your company.  However, if your business is struggling we would always advise that fast action always obtains the best outcome.  Call us on 0800 331 7417