In today’s often turbulent business times, financial distress can appear out almost out of nowhere. It only takes a few months of adverse trading and suddenly PAYE, VAT and corporation tax bills can quickly mount up.  In such situations many directors are unaware of the courses of action available to them – and have trouble ascertaining the best option for the future of their company.

One route back to profitability is the pre-pack administration.  This official insolvency measure effectively liquidates your company, going through the sale of the business in the normal manner to satisfy your creditors. However, you are permitted as an outside agency to purchase key assets that can be used to relaunch the business as a new entity.

Talk to McTear Williams & Wood about a potential pre-pack administration. With our team of legal and accounting experts, we can guide you through this process seamlessly shutting down your old limited company and helping you start the new enterprise.

How it works
  • Dedicated insolvency practitioners  - allowing us to give you the full benefit of our experience working with businesses like your – helping you avoid all the potential pitfalls and difficulties in the process.
  • Confidential expert advice  - any advice we provide you is completely private in line with the highest professional standards set by our industry. Additionally we are able to meet you outside of your busy business days.
  • Free consultation session  - our first consultation session is always free of charge and this often gives you access to our best advice and our ideas for your business’s next step.
  • Effective turnaround support  - if you are unsure as to whether your business might be salvageable, McTear Williams & Wood is able to provide you with all the services to turn your business around.

Get in contact with us today to find out more.  

Discuss your potential pre-pack administration with a senior advisor at our Corby offices and find out the best course of action to regain your balance, save jobs and find a clear route back to growth.

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