Gain a clear picture of company finances with forensic accounting

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Are you involved in a financial dispute or suspect that cash has gone missing? If so then developing a clear understanding of the situation is vital before making any judgements or actions.

Fortunately with today’s money tracking facilities it is possible for you to trace the cash-flow into and out of your business. Forensic accounting adopts a methodical and fact based approach to discover the truth.

Whether you are involved in litigation or have suspicions of company business irregularities or fraud McTear Williams & Wood can provide you valuable insights that will strengthen your position with factual evidence.

All of our senior forensic accountants have full accounting experience alongside a lifetime of business knowledge allowing them to quickly and efficiently analyse your financial records using a variety of techniques.

How our service helps you

Our forensic accounting team are able to provide you with the following:

  • Dispute resolution - our experts can quickly determine the flow of cash and payments into and out of your accounts, providing you with accurate information and aiding you in negotiating with the opposing parties.
  • Legal - gain the vital evidence and proof necessary to underpin your legal team’s position during allegations of company improprieties or fraudulent accounting practices.
  • Accounting assessments - track payments, company payments and the transactional records of director’s personal accounts to uncover the flow of cash through a business, helping with the recovery of assets.
  • Data recovery - reconstruct accounts and financial information from erased files and old storage media to aid in the process of investigating cash flow and problematic situations.

Working together with your team

When one is presented with clear evidence of the facts of the matter many disputes settle quickly but a small percentage of cases need further legal intervention. In such situations McTear Williams & Wood have a long history of working in conjunction with specialist insolvency solicitors and barristers to pursue successful claims through the Courts.

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