Solvent Company Liquidations Service

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Do you have a large quantity of your money tied up in your company? At McTear Williams & Wood we can assist you in getting your hands on this amount, tax efficiently using a solvent liquidation process.

Perhaps you are retiring and have no one to run the business effectively or you may be a shareholder looking to realise your assets. Regardless of the reason, if you need to withdraw your cash tax efficiently and distribute less than £25,000 an application to strike off might be the answer. If you are distributing more, a solvent liquidation might meet your needs.

This process known as a members' voluntary liquidation (or MVL) allows you to distribute assets from your company either in cash or in specie. However, there are a number of legal and accounting requirements that you need to meet before you receive your money. Download our guide to members' voluntary liquidations.  Download our guide to members' voluntary liquidations here.

We help you understand these requirements. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge working on hundreds of MVLs we not only assess your suitability for an MVL but help you at every stage of the process of liquidating your company.

How McTear Williams & Wood can help you

  • Free impartial business advice – Is an MVL the best course of action for your business? Let us take you through all the options available to get the best outcome. Get in contact with our expert team.
  • Producing accurate accounts – our expert accountants help check and verify the financial records of your company to ensure that it is ready for the MVL to proceed.
  • Meeting the legal requirements – ranging from collecting the book debts to selling the business and assets through to de-registering with HMRC.
  • Sworn Declaration of Solvency – to implement an MVL your company must be solvent and must produce this declaration as proof of this.
  • Helping you understand the change to the law – in April 2016 the rules concerning the tax breaks offered by MVLs were revised. We can help you understand how the new tax rules work.

Your next step

If you are thinking of going through a solvent liquidation contact our expert advisors to find out exactly what is required. With a proven record of helping hundreds of directors and operating to the highest professional standards, we are the sensible and safe choice.

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