Business Turnaround & Company Rescue

Our team have many years of experience helping to turnaround struggling businesses. With the right intervention early enough in the strategy, it is possible to stage a company rescue and bring your business back to full financial health.  Call us today on 0800 331 7417 to discuss a company rescue plan.

Is your business making a loss, running out of cash and simply operating to meet creditor demands rather than maximising profit?  If you are struggling to balance your cash flow and other key financial priorities then why not consider working with expert advisors to help turnaround your business. Simply continuing with more of the same that caused your problems in the first place is only likely to compound your difficulties or even end in complete insolvency. Although it may seem like your issues are insurmountable, McTear Williams & Wood's specialists have considerable experience in business turnaround and company rescue, providing an expert service, with solutions to get you back on track for success.

Our process for business turnaround

At McTear Williams and Wood our team of accountants, insolvency practitioners and business consultants provide you with the following process to deliver a fast and effective business  turnaround and company rescue service:

  • Establish if your business is viable – using accounting techniques to quickly assess and understand the true picture of your business’s situation.
  • Assess your full funding requirements – how much capital does your business need to return to profitability, commencing an effective turnaround?
  • Implement immediate changes – working with your business to manage your assets and potentially free up the capital required for funding.
  • Effectively manage your creditors – buying time that eases pressure from your financial obligations, giving you the space to turnaround your business.
  • Introduce additional finance – with a solid and realistic plan in place for your business turnaround we can usually negotiate additional credit on your behalf.

Do you have a plan?

The chances are that you have already identified problems within your business and have developed a plan for turnaround. Use our services to confirm your ideas giving you the confidence to proceed.  The sooner you act – the more turnaround options are available to you … Call McTear Williams & Wood today on 0800 331 7417.