Private lending opportunities for investors

Wealthy individuals willing to entertain a higher level of risk for a higher return on their capital can be the perfect funder/investor or business partner in a distressed situation. Here the lines between equity investing, lending and getting involved in the strategic management of the business can get blurred. 

Deals are usually tailored to the individual circumstances of each lending opportunity.

How can McTear Williams & Wood help?

  • We have a large throughput of clients, most of whom need access to finance of some description and private lending offers an alternative option when traditional channels of finance are closed off
  • Having almost certainly carried out a significant amount of due diligence on a company in the normal course of handling the case we are usually in a good position to know whether a private lender loan would help get the business back on track
  • That knowledge not only helps the business but also gives the private lender the confidence that he is not wasting his/her time in taking a closer look

McTear Williams & Wood has a number of relationships with private lenders and Business Angel communities and we are happy to discuss how we can connect lenders and borrowers alike.

Call us on 0800 331 7417 to discuss the options or send us an enquiry form