Services for lenders: Adding value and creating business opportunities

Let McTear Williams & Wood help rescue failing customers with refinancing and insolvency options allowing you to recover your money. Find out how we can refer quality clients to you - call us now 0800 331 7417.

All of our clients are experiencing some level of business distress. Many are in situations where cashflow is dictating business decisions, but it is probably not too late to return them to profitability.

Are you able to provide finance for businesses in distress that have had their requests for additional funds from other lenders turned down? If so then we can provide you with access to dozens of clients that need your services.

For private lenders, find out about our services here.

Helping clients gain suitability

At McTear Williams & Wood we are able to provide under-performing business advice to assist in a turnaround or help them restructure to become a more attractive lending proposition.

  • Help through a turnaround - from preparing realistic business plans to providing interim turnaround management our expert advisors have a hit rate of rescuing over 80% of our clients.
  • Impartial insolvency advice - putting a company into liquidation need not be the end of the road for the business. Many of our clients are able to purchase back their business and assets.

Services for lenders

By working with McTear Williams & Wood you get instant access to:

  • Full financial review - all of our associates and directors are experienced accountants able to provide you with an accurate and clear picture of a company‚Äôs finances.
  • Negotiate re-finance - we can work with your clients to re-bank or re-finance assets to repay you.
  • Insolvency appointments - if necessary we are able to take insolvency appointments in order to maximise the realisation of assets to repay your lending.

The next step

If you are interested in working with McTear Williams & Wood in the first instance we would recommend a meeting with one of our directors or associates giving you the opportunity to discover how we work.