Has your business received a winding up order?

If your company has been issued with a winding up order McTear Williams & Wood can still help you effectively realise your business assets to achieve the best outcome.  Find out your options today, call us on 0800 331 7417.

Your company has been issued with a winding up order. The Official Receiver has been appointed as liquidator. You are probably extremely disappointed and worried about your next steps.  However, you still have a number of options.  

Our expert advisors will work quickly with you to help preserve what is left of your business and support you dealing with the subsequent demands that usually arise out of this process.

What is a winding up order? 

A winding up order is an instruction from the court to close down a company and liquidate all of it's assets. It follows a winding-up petition that’s been made by a creditor, which typically follows a series of unsuccessful attempts to recover their money.

In this situation, your options have run out, and the court will appoint an Official Receiver (OR) to liquidate all of your company’s assets.

It means the end of a limited company, the sale of any assets that your business may have, and its eventual dissolution at Companies House.

Why choose McTear Williams & Wood?

Our company has helped dozens of businesses like yours achieve positive outcomes from winding up orders. Our service promises you the following:

  • Free consultation and advice – in the first instance we will always provide you with an examination of your situation and options before charging you for the engagement of our services.
  • Always deal with a senior member of our team   – your case will be assigned to a leading director in the business giving you immediate access to a lifetime of experience.
  • Insolvency focused service – at McTear Williams & Wood our business is built around insolvency.  You will not find an advisor more specialist than us.
  • Business ownership experience – experiencing business turmoil is often personally troubling.  We understand this and will explain the real implications facing you including responsibilities to staff and suppliers.
  • We can help you buy your business and assets back.

Why act now

Many directors find themselves in this position because they have ignored the warning signs or received poor advice.  By acting quickly you will not only have more choices, but will also be able to preserve more of your company value.  



Discover your options – you have more choices than you think.  Call us today on 0800 331 7417 for advice.

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