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McTear Williams & Wood has produced a range of brochures that explore some of the services we offer but these only give you a flavour of what we can do and are no substitute for meeting with one of our specialists face to face at a free initial consultation. To arrange yours call now on 0800 331 7417.

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We are happy to share our knowledge. Andrew McTear and Chris Williams,
directors in McTear Williams & Wood Limited are co-authors of the books
"Corporate Insolvency" and "Personal Insolvency",  which are part  of the
Pocket Lawyer series.

These publications  were produced in conjunction  with Frank Brumby of
Isadore  Goldman (formerly  of Leathes  Prior) and  offer  explanations in
plain English  on how to spot signs of  financial difficulty  before it  is too
late, explore available options and provide an explanation of each course
of action, so that informed choices can be made. Significantly, the books
help to  dispel  the  shame and  stigma that  have  dogged insolvency  for

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The content is  mostly still  current  today as  there  have only been minor
legislative changes since 2004. However, case law and custom and practise
have  moved  on and  to address those  developments  we have prepared a
short addendum which brings the book up to date.

We  have  some  complimentary  copies  of  this  book to give away.  If you
would like to  request a  copy of the  book and addendum  please go to the
contact  details  page.  These  can  also be  ordered  directly  by  emailing