How can we help you?

  • Problems paying tax

Problems paying tax

Unable to meet the demands of HMRC? Struggling to pay off your current liabilities? We can help you. 

  • Creditor demands

Creditor demands

If pressure from creditors is impacting your ability to operate, we can assist you from restructuring debt to your business.

  • Poor cash flow

Poor cash flow

Need to get your business back on track? Let us discuss all your options to revive your financial situation.

  • Winding up

Winding up

This is one of the most serious situations your company can face – act now for the best result and call our helpline number.

Our Services

  • Business rescue

Business Rescue

Professional support for your business, helping you overcome an adverse financial situation and return to profitability.

  • CVA


Restructure your company debt into a single, affordable monthly payment that meets the demands of your creditors.

  • Administration


Get the time you need to make important changes whilst keeping your company in a fully operational state.

  • Liquidation


Help with closing down your company and paying off all remaining debt before striking it off the register at Companies House.

Get expert advice on the future of your business

If your business is struggling with cashflow and debt, it can be tough to know where to turn next. Fortunately help is at hand. At McTear Williams & Wood we have a considerable experience advising company directors during these difficult times.

Our professionals are backed with specialist knowledge in all the relevant fields, from company law to corporate accounting giving you access to the skills you need.

Many companies struggle with debt every year. It is not uncommon for many of our clients to feel that they are in this situation alone. But in truth they are often not aware of all the options and solutions available to them and at McTear Williams & Wood – we always help our clients find the right course of action.

Every company sector is different and challenges can vary across industry and even with the size of your operation. But rest assured our expert advisors will take the time to review your entire situation and work to produce a plan of action that maximises the available outcomes.

With a strong presence in the East of England and across the UK, we have offices in eight different locations working with six registered insolvency practitioners. In the first instance we are always happy to provide you with a free initial consultation where we talk you through all the options available to you.

If you are a director of a struggling company, it’s easy to feel as if the world is against you. In our experience most directors have more options than they realise – it’s important however to act quickly and act now – as the longer you wait the fewer options are available.

It's never too early to talk

Don't be nervous talking to an insolvency practitioner, if you're worried you might be losing control contact us early, there's more scope when people call us early as we're able to offer turnaround possibilities.

Our expert guide to resolving company debt issues

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