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Having to contend with a winding up petition is a tough moment for any company. When this move by the court is already following difficulties such as cashflow problems, PAYE debts and late payroll many directors decide that this is time for them to end the lifespan of their company.

However, it is also the case that whilst business leaders are often well informed about running a business, they are surprisingly bereft of information when it comes to matters of insolvency. In any situation it is prudent to arm yourself with all the possible information, especially when the court are lining up the official receiver to liquidate your company.

In such situations McTear Williams & Wood can help. Our team of senior advisors can give you access to over 25 years of consolidated business recovery experience. There are often still routes back to profitability available to many companies in adverse circumstances including negotiated payment schedules and relaunching as a new enterprise.

How it works

  • Work with the main creditor - by communicating with the petitioning creditor, either directly or by feeding you the lines we can start to move the matter towards an effective resolution.
  • Find you more time - our team can adjourn your Court hearing, giving you valuable space to carry out the vital negotiations, free from the negative impact of a court judgement.
  • Demonstrate that your business is still viable - if we think there is enough cause, we can create a case for the court showing that there is a definite pathway for you to return to profitability.
  • Secure a validation order - if you wish to continue trading, let McTear Williams & Wood help you obtain a validation order from the Court.

Why act now?

We always advise all potential clients to act quickly if they wish to access the full spectrum of recovery solutions that are available to them.

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