There comes a point in every successful company’s lifespan when it’s time to close down and realise your assets. To facilitate this process directors can opt to perform a members’ voluntary liquidation or MVL, which enlists the help of an insolvency practitioner to formally close down the business and extract the remaining capital in a tax efficient manner.

This process, which is also known as a solvent liquidation requires the completion of several formal steps including the production of a declaration of solvency.  This is an important legal document that must be created correctly – and this is where McTear Williams & Wood can help you out. With our decades of experience we are ideally placed to ensure the entire process is completed quickly and smoothly.

If you wish to extract less that £25,000 from your business then it may be more appropriate to carry out a company strike off rather than an MVL. Find out all the facts and ascertain your best course of action by meeting with our team.

How it works
  • Free assessment   - in the first instance we always provide our clients with a clear review of the all the potential options during a 1-2 hour consultation session.
  • Years of insolvency knowledge  - access dedicated experience of the legal and accounting expertise necessary to ensure that your members' voluntary liquidation is a smooth and simple process.
  • Completely confidential   - you can be assured that all your details will be protected by our company policy and by the standards set by our industry. Additionally, we can meet you outside of office hours.
  • Work with one of our directors   - all our professional appointments are handled by our company directors, ensuring that you receive the best level of care and attention possible from McTear Williams & Wood.
  • Dedicated company   - unlike many of our competition we are solely concerned with providing a high standard of insolvency services and do not offer these services as an addition to accounting practices.

Get more information on how your business could benefit from potential members voluntary liquidation at our Corby offices.

You’ll meet with our senior team who will be able to detail all the options available to you along with any timescales.

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