Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation in Cambridge

If you are in difficulties then closing down your business often seems like the right choice. However, McTear Williams & Wood could help you explore all the available options. Call us now on 0800 331 7417

If your business is technically insolvent then it may seem like the end of the road. Daily struggles with creditors could be taking away all your time and passion for running the business, leaving you short when it comes to effective management and money making activities. In such instances a creditors' voluntary liquidation (CVL) could be the ideal way for you to address the situation. It allows you to effectively end your company, removing the personal and professional stress you have been experiencing.

No matter what issues within the business gave rise to your current difficulties a CVL is often the simplest way to absolve you of your current responsibilities. All your assets are liquidated and the proceeds are used to pay off your creditors where possible.

In certain situations it is possible for directors to buy back their old company and relaunch under a new name free from the financial obligations that were throttling growth.  McTear Williams & Wood has helped a number of organisations through this process, giving ventures a new lease of life. Want to know more?

Arrange an appointment to discuss a potential creditors’ voluntary liquidation in our Cambridge office and you may find out you have more choices than simply closing down your business.

How McTear Williams & Wood can help?

  • Free initial assessment - in the first instance, we are able to offer you a consultation appointment that reviews your current situation and provide you with an overview of your choices.
  • Business recovery assessment - are you sure a CVL is the best move for your business? It may still be possible to turnaround your business and there may be better options.
  • Communicating with creditors - McTear Williams & Wood can guide you through agreeing time to pay arrangements and generally keeping creditors on side.
  • Liquidating your company - we manage the process through which your assets are realised and sold to the highest bidder to assure you of a quick and trouble free transaction.

Do you want to sell your business?

If you are looking to sell your business it is advisable to act as quickly as possible to ensure that you achieve maximum value. Don’t run your company into the ground when suppliers and customers lose confidence in your ability to deliver, which could impact your long term reputation.

McTear Williams & Wood can give you a free consultation which will cover all your options including a company voluntary liquidation in Cambridge, taking around 1 to 2 hours of your time.   Book your appointment with McTear Williams & Wood today - call now on 0800 331 7417