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Dealing with debt can be difficult - however a company voluntary arrangement from McTear Williams & Wood could be the light at the end of the tunnel you need

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Most businesses experience periods of difficulty and distress at some point during their operations. More often than not the culprit is cashflow, with the demands of creditors including HMRC impacting heavily at a time when you may be suffering from bad debt or changes within the industry or marketplace that requires the business to evolve rather than sell.

If this describes your situation then help may be closer than you think. By implementing a company voluntary arrangement you will be able to consolidate all your debt into a single amount, which can then be broken down into more management monthly repayments.

You will need a full registered insolvency practitioner to set up your company voluntary arrangement, to provide you with full support on meeting the necessary accounting requirements and to communicate with your creditors on the company's behalf.

Access a lifetime's worth of expert advice and knowledge by discussing a potential company voluntary arrangement at our Cambridge offices. Here you will be able to talk to one of our expert advisors who will be able to fill you in on the best way forward for your business.

Why choose McTear Williams & Wood?

  • The right facts and figures - you need the right evidence to support your claims that your company can return to profitability and meet the financial obligations of a company voluntary arrangement. We will find this information for you.
  • Working with creditors - it is essential that your creditors submit to the proposed schedule of repayments stipulated in a company voluntary arrangement. We will put your case to them and help explain why this course of action is in their interests.
  • Accountancy support - we understand how to present your accounts to your creditors in order to provide them with a fully accurate and transparent picture of your current situation.
  • Expert consultation - pick up our best advice on how to resolve your situation in a simple one to two hour meeting. If we do not think a company voluntary arrangement is the best for you then we will provide you with some ideas for alternative course of action.

Your next step

Time is critical with a company voluntary arrangement. Whilst there is still liquidity left in your business it is easier to put such an agreement in place, however if the situation is allowed to deteriorate then it may be the case that this option is no longer available to you.

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