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Closing down a business is without question a tough decision.  When your liabilities are not even serviced by your revenues and the company is struggling with additional finance, HMRC pressure and late payments you may be looking at a company bankruptcy.  In such situations a creditors' voluntary liquidation ("cvl") allows you to stop operations and limit your personal liability.

Why use McTear Williams & Wood?

  • Avoid personal liabilities – one of the biggest concerns of any director when closing down their company is avoiding personal liability. McTear Williams & Wood will work to make sure your accounts are in the correct order.
  • Work with one of our directors – all of our engagements are led by a director, ensuring that you receive the full benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience of company insolvency.
  • Full turnaround services – is liquidation the right choice for you? If you decide to try to return to profitability we can provide you with additional finance, restructuring or even interim management to support your business through this time.
  • Free initial consultation session – in the first instance we always provide our clients with free advice. Simply put, we can tell you if your business will succeed or fail and outline any potential routes of recovery.

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Over the years we have supported many businesses return to profitability and avoid closing down. Make an appointment with and find out all the different pathways available for your company's future.

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