Received an Administration Order in Southampton?

A court order can seem like the end - but you have more options than you think.  Call now on 0800 331 7417

Many businesses undergo difficulties at some point during their lifetime.  Often increased liabilities can bring a huge degree of pressure and you may find yourself issued with an Administration Order.  Understandably this can be a very troubling time than can unsettle even the most resolute director.  However, if you act in a timely fashion you may have more options than you realise.

One falsely held belief is that an Administration Order spells the end for your business.  In fact there is a period of time that company directors can use to seek professional advice, contact creditors, work with investors and shareholders and even seek emergency finance.  All of these activities can work together to stop your business from going into administration.

McTear Williams & Wood has worked with many companies that have been issued with administration orders. Through our knowledge of business recovery and restructuring we have helped hundreds of companies get back on track and return to profitability in a matter of months.

How it works

  • Free assessment  - in the first instance we do not charge for our consultation appointments during which we give some of our best advice and information on how to resolve your situation.
  • Built around you  - not only is our service completely confidential but we are also able to see you outside of normal business hours and provide you with direct dial numbers for our administration order experts.
  • No personal liabilities  - we work with you to help avoid you or any of the other directors of the company being held liable for any of the business’s debts.
  • Years of insolvency experience  - by engaging with McTear Williams & Wood you are harnessing the power of a lifetime’s breadth of knowledge of helping companies in situations like yours through an administration order in Southampton.

Why act now?

Find out more about your options with a one to two hour consultation to discuss you administration order at our Southampton offices.  You’ll meet with one of our senior advisors who’ll be able to take you through all the possible scenarios – allowing you to make an informed decision about your future.