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Business in today’s fast paced environment is challenging.  On average most good companies have around two to three months running costs put aside to deal with issues and sudden changes such as a loss of a client or adverse market conditions.  What happens however when a series of combined problems pushes an organisation and its directors towards a negative cashflow position?

In such circumstances many directors suffer from a lack of understanding regarding the legal and accounting law. By working with a registered UK insolvency practitioner you can ascertain the specific facts appertaining to your business and make a fully informed choice about your future.

McTear Williams & Wood has designed a free consultation session that is 100% confidential where we can answer all the questions you have about your finances and liabilities.  It is often the case that with fast action you retain access to the full spectrum of insolvency services, which includes payment plans with creditors and the option to relaunch as a new business entity.

Our services include the following:

  • Turnaround and business rescue  – our experts have years of experience assisting businesses find their way back to profit.
  • Turnaround management  – often companies need an authority or manager who has experience dealing with the difficult trading circumstances that go with business distress. We can provide you with interim managers to help you through this difficult time.
  • Raise turnaround finance   – with links to specialist lenders we can help even the most distressed businesses access additional credit.
  • Solvent liquidation consultation   – we can help you extract cash from your company in the most tax efficient manner.
  • Company insolvency advice  – if your company is insolvent McTear Williams & Wood will advise and help you understand all the options.

Book an appointment today with our team of insolvency practitioners at our Southampton offices where we’ll be able to go through all the choices available to you.

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