Have You Had a Winding Up Order in Bedford?

Court action can seem like the end of the road for your business.

However, you may still have recovery options

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Receiving a winding up order from the courts is a serious matter.  Following months of pressure from creditors and failed repayment agreements many directors see this as the time to end their enterprise and company and seek a new challenge.

However, with fast action there may still be options to recover your business, even when the Court is looking to appoint a liquidator to sell off your assets and officially strike off your company from the register.

Get a clear perspective on all the alternatives. You may find that with actual insolvency advice that you can still restructure your debt into an acceptable payment plan to meet the demands of your creditors or that you could even restructure your company to lose the unprofitable parts of your enterprise.  If you still want to close your business then you can take control of the process with a company voluntary liquidation.

Why use us?

  • Free initial appointment  - McTear Williams & Wood are always happy to provide you with a review of your situation before you officially engage our services.
  • You’ll always deal with a senior practitioner  - all our cases are handled by a leading director in the business, giving you the most comprehensive advice possible for your situation.
  • Expert advice and service   - as a specialist insolvency focused business there are no situations that we have not seen before, allowing us to bring a depth of experience to your particular instance.
  • Understanding your personal situation  - having been business owners ourselves we have the insight and empathy into the stresses and strains a winding up order can cause.
  • Help you buy back your company  - many directors choose to purchase their business and assets back. We can help you achieve a positive outcome from such as process.

Act now

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