Looking for a Members' Voluntary Liquidation in Guildford

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Want to get to extract your capital from a business?  Regardless of your involvement a members' voluntary liquidation could be the best method of retrieving your money from a solvent company. 

This process, often called a solvent liquidation, allows you to take your money out of a company without suffering from the normal tax penalties associated with realising your assets, whilst effectively severing your relationship with the business.

As with all official company procedures there are many important requirements that must be satisfied for a members' voluntary liquidation to proceed.  Let the experts at McTear Williams & Wood guide you to the optimal outcome from this situation with the minimum of difficulty. 

If you are seeking to extract less than £25,000 from a company it may well be more appropriate to strike off your company.  Get all the answers with a free members' voluntary liquidation consultation at our Guildford office. 

Why use us?

  • Free confidential assessment We always provide clients with a clear review of all the potential options during a 1-2 hour free consultation (during or outside office hours).  Your details will be protected by our company policy and the standards set by our industry.
  • Years of insolvency knowledge Access dedicated experience of the legal and accounting expertise necessary to ensure that your members' voluntary liquidation is a smooth and simple process.
  • Work with one of our directors All our professional appointments are handled by our company directors, ensuring that you receive the best level of care and attention possible from McTear Williams & Wood
  • Dedicated company service Unlike man of our competition we are solely concerned with providing a high standard of insolvency services and do not offer these services as an addition to accounting practices.

Act now for the best result

If you wish to close your company then quick action will secure the most preferential options available to you.  Whether you simply want to exit the company or sell the assets to another organisation McTear Williams & Wood can give you all the information you need for a successful members' voluntary liquidation in Guildford.