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When a business is on the back foot many directors become emotional and allow a knee jerk reaction to dictate their response.  After all they often have a large degree of personal capital tied up in their continued success and constant pressures from creditors, suppliers and HMRC can push the limits of their endurance.  

In these situations many start looking towards striking off their company or choosing a creditors' voluntary liquidation.  But is it wise to let external problems and challenges dictate the trajectory of your company’s future?  Is it not best to explore all the options and check that you are well-armed enough to make the right decision for the future of your business, staff and shareholders?

The sooner you act the more option there are available to you.  Extend your payment window with HMRC using time to pay agreements, negotiate fair payments with your creditors with a CVA, restructure your business and shed unprofitable sections of the enterprise all under the watchful eye of our accounting and legal experts.

Why use our service?

  • Confidential advice on your terms – at McTear Williams & Wood you will receive a professional service with the capacity to work around you – including out of hours calls and appointments.
  • Working on your behalf – if you decide to use a CVL to extract your money from your company, then we can talk to your creditors and ensure that your business is closed down properly.
  • All legal obligations are discharged – when your company is shut down there are a number of legal requirements that must be met so that you are not personally liable. We are able to make sure that all the correct procedures are followed.

Over the years we have supported many businesses return to profitability and avoid closing down. Make an appointment with our senior expert team and find out all the different pathways available for your future and finances.

After working with many companies who are considering a liquidation in Kettering we are perfectly placed to help you navigate this tough period.  Call us for advice on 0800 331 7417