Need a Solvent Liquidation in Kettering?

Get your money out of your company in a tax efficient low-cost manner – with a MVL from McTear Williams & Wood
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End your company today with the most tax efficient method.  A members' voluntary liquidation ("MVL") is the best route for anyone looking to extract their capital from a company and then close it down.

You may have heard this process referred to as a solvent liquidation.  It’s an effective way of releasing all the assets in your business and avoiding the heavy penalties of income tax whilst still meeting the demands of all your shareholders and creditors.  If you can gather the full support of all voting parties this process can be completed in around a fortnight.

An MVL must be overseen by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner.  Work with us for the best results.  We have a proven record of helping companies go through an MVL with our trademark smooth approach for clients in several industries and sectors.

Why use us?

  • Experienced business consultation  - are you aware of all the options for your business? If you are thinking of taking an MVL and closing down your company there could be other ways forward.
  • Professional accounting services  - an MVL works best when all your books are in appropriate order - we can make sure that the planning covers all this pre-appointment.
  • Legal obligations  - one of the key elements necessary to implement an MVL is a Sworn Declaration of Solvency. There are criminal sanctions if you get this wrong and McTear Williams & Wood can guide you accordingly.

Want to realise less than £25,000 in capital?  A striking off may be more appropriate. For sums greater than £25,000 please get in touch to discuss a potential solvent liquidation at our Kettering offices where you can get all the advice you need from one of our senior advisors.