Gordon Dean, Senior Partner of Gordon Dean Solicitors Ltd

“I would like to thank everyone particularly the excellent team at McTear Williams & Wood, the SRA who were amazingly supportive and several trade creditors we have worked with for many years and who all stood by us in difficult times including several who offered me money which was unexpectedly kind and as it turned out unnecessary.  Unfortunately, Gordon Dean Solicitors LLP got into debt in the 2020 pandemic, mostly with HMRC but recovered strongly last year making good profits but this was not enough to recover fully and having sought and failed to achieve further refinancing I visited insolvency practitioners McTear Williams & Wood who were very professional and arranged a liquidation on 1 April 2022.  Gordon Dean Solicitors Ltd bought the assets of the firm and started trading from new offices on Monday 4 April.  We have also changed banks.  HMRC will get paid by the liquidators over the next few years.”