Talking to your bank

You need not feel alone.

All bankers having one thing in common - they don't like surprises. Matters often come to a head when a request for additional lending is declined, additional security or personal guarantees are requested and refused or, scarily, an investigating accountant is appointed. No matter how strong your relationship has been banks have their own interests and policies to follow which might not be compatible with your goals. That's where it can be helpful to have a specialist advisor by your side, able to understand the bank's position and present your own circumstances in the best light.

How can McTear Williams & Wood help?

Our banking experts understand how banks work and also understand the pressure you are feeling. As there is no single approach that suits all cases they will talk through your situation in confidence before giving you specific and tailored advice. After successful careers in corporate lending and business turnaround banking they maintain good relationships with all main banks and asset based lenders and can help you seek out alternative fund providers should this become necessary. We also work alongside your existing advisors. We don't prepare accounts, do audits or tax work so have no conflict of interest.

When might talking to your bank be appropriate?

  • Your account is moved into an intensive care department at the bank.
  • High bank fees and interest rates are imposed.
  • Your business is being pushed into factoring.
  • Your banking facility is reduced or withdrawn.
  • Your are invited to bank elsewhere.

Good banking relationships are key to most successful businesses. If your business is struggling we can help you negotiate with your bank by giving advice that can make a real difference or by sitting alongside you at a crunch meeting. Let us know how we can help on 0800 331 7417.