Could you benefit from a solvent liquidation in Chelmsford?

Looking to dissolve your solvent company? Want to access your funds? A solvent liquidation from McTear Williams & Wood could be the best step forward. Call us now on 0800 331 7417

Having run a successful company for many years, you may be thinking it’s time to either retire or move on to new ventures. Either way, you are probably looking to realise your capital that’s held in the business accounts in the most tax efficient manner possible. 

A solvent liquidation (or members' voluntary liquidation) could be just the thing you need in your current situation. This procedure, when properly enacted by an insolvency practitioner, allows you to extract amounts in excess of £25K when closing the company as a shareholder under capital gains tax. 

Let McTear Williams & Wood support you through this process. Thanks to our years of experience assisting directors through the pitfalls and difficulties of successfully implementing a solvent liquidation we are ideally placed to help you reach the optimal outcome in a resolute and efficient fashion. 

Want to know more? Simply call our main telephone number an arrange a meeting to discuss a solvent liquidation at our Chelmsford offices. Here you can get expert advice from one of our senior partners on your situation and the best way to move forward. 

Why use us?

  • Experienced business consultation - are you aware of all the options for your business? If you are thinking of taking an MVL and closing down your company there could be other ways forward.
  • Professional accounting services - an MVL works best when all your books are in appropriate order - we can make sure that the planning covers all this pre-appointment.
  • Legal obligations - one of the key elements necessary to implement an MVL is a Sworn Declaration of Solvency. There are criminal sanctions if you get this wrong and McTear Williams & Wood can guide you accordingly.

Your next step

What are the options available to you and what is the best way to proceed? Without expert advice it can be tough to understand your choices and select the best course of action. At McTear Williams & Wood we cover this in a short 1 to 2 hour free initial consultation at one of our offices in Chelmsford, helping you understand all the responsibilities and implications.  Call us now on 0800 331 7417