Robin Meynell


Stuart House - East Wing
St John's Street

07939 930769

Robin Meynell


Robin is based in Peterborough and Cambridge and is on hand to provide insolvency advice to both companies and individuals.

Our initial advice is always free and Robin will look at individual circumstances to find the best solution or outcome to move forward.  If an insolvency process is unavoidable Robin will work to provide a pain free (so far as possible) closure.


Robin had seven years experience working in busy accounting offices for various private firms before moving to The Official Receiver's office to work as an Examiner/Investigations Officer.  After six years working in insolvency within the public sector he then made a move into the private sector working for McTear Williams & Wood Limited since January 2011.

Education/previous employment

  • CPI
  • 6 years public sector insolvency experience
  • 7 years+ private sector insolvency experience
  • Published 'Book of Bankruptcy' ISBN 978-1438946290 (29 January 2009)