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Is your business undergoing tough times? Do you find that much of your day is spent trying to resolve cash flow issues rather than working on key tasks and projects? Are you unsure as to what steps to make to pull you out of the quagmire?

Get the answers you need with our Company Insolvency Check for East Anglia based businesses. It consists of five simple sections that explore essential aspects of your finances, staff and operations in order to produce a detailed report that gives you a a vital insight into your current circumstances.

This Business Health Check gives you access to over 25 years of insolvency and business rescue experience from McTear Williams & Wood. Find out vital information on your next steps and the legal implications of your current situation, avoiding personal liability and penalties from HMRC or your creditors.

Complete the health check and find out the following:

  • Critical areas for improvement in the business - where are skill shortages and a lack of accurate forecasts restricting you from achieving growth?
  • Payments of dividends to company directors - are you legally entitled to continue taking money out of the business?
  • Basic legal advice - is there any way your company could recover from a winding up petition or an administration order?
  • Implications of your actions with HMRC - what could the taxman demand from your business in the face of your decisions?
  • The management of outstanding debt - how could you meet the demands of your business whilst still retaining enough liquidity to function?

Act now for the best result

Many businesses suffer from distress at some point during their lifetime. However there are often more options for recovery than you may realise. The starting point is assessing your current situation to find out the implications of your circumstances - and the ideal way to do this is with this Company Insolvency Check for Norwich based businesses.

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