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Is your business accruing more debt than profit? Do you have multiple credit agreements in place through your company? Are you worried that you could lose your house, pension or savings as a result? If your business is struggling, you want to know what this could mean for your personal finances. When the future is uncertain it can be a particularly stressful time for both you and your family.

Find the answers you are looking for with our detailed business health check. Featuring five simple sections that review basic aspects of your company's operations - without the need for you to give confidential company information. You won't find a more comprehensive business health check anywhere else on the internet. Get impartial and accurate information that will tell you exactly where you stand in regards to your personal position in the light of your company finances.

Simply follow the link above and submit some basic details regarding the current state of your business finances to receive our health check report. In this health check you will discover:

Our health check takes an average of 10 minutes to complete. At the end you are given a full report based on your information that tells you:

  • Your position as a company director - should you continue to take your payments via dividends or is it time to switch to a salary?
  • Personal liability - what steps can you take to avoid being made personally responsible for your company's debt and disqualified as a director.
  • The availability of redundancy payments - will company directors be entitled to substantial pay-outs from the Government?
  • How can you limit the risk - what are the implications of using your own money to fund your business recovery?
  • Whether you need to take further advice - on how to best return your business to profitability and manage your company debt.

McTear Williams & Wood is one of the UK's leading regional insolvency experts and their team of directors has deployed their industry experience helping hundreds of businesses recover from difficulties into this health check.

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If your business is struggling then there are probably still recovery options available to you. Use our health check to assess your overall outlook and you may find that there are routes to bring your business back to health.

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