Find out if your company is insolvent and what you should be doing with this comprehensive health check from McTear Williams & Wood

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  • Is your company experiencing business difficulties?
  • Is it under pressure from HMRC for tax or PAYE? Are you constantly having to juggle cashflow?
  • If you want to discover if your company is insolvent and what you should be doing then you will find the answers that you require in our detailed Business Health Check. Simply complete 5 basic sections that examine an overview of your operations without having to submit any confidential details.

McTear Williams & Wood has invested over 25 years knowledge and experience of business rescue and insolvency into this application, making it one of the most comprehensive Business Health Checks.

Complete the health check and find out the following:

  • The impact of current shortfalls in the business - how could critical employee shortages or a lack of forecasting effect your future?
  • Your entitlements as a company director - should you be taking money out of the company as a dividend payment during this accounting year?
  • Simple legal implications - could a winding up petition or an administration order cause your business to cease trading?
  • Your position with HMRC - what actions should your business take to resolve any difficulties with the taxman?
  • How to resolve your existing debt - is it possible for you to consolidate all your debt in order to manage payments to your creditors?

Act now for the best result

If you are experiencing business difficulties then there are probably still many options available for you to return to profitability and achieve growth. By acting quickly and completing our Business Health Check for your Norwich based business you will gain a wider understanding on the options available to you.

Start Your Business Health Check Now