Administration Order: Creating The Best Outcome For Your Business

Are you a director, shareholder or creditor of an insolvent company where the board of directors is unable to reach an agreement?

In the first instance an administration order will provide you with vital breathing space allowing you to either turnaround the company or achieve a better realisation of assets than in a liquidation.

If your business situation has become untenable it is not uncommon for the board of directors to fail to come to a solid agreed insolvency process. Even though this may seem like a major obstacle to effectively dealing with the outstanding problems and debts in the business you actually have a number of good options.

How it works …

Let our expert insolvency practitioners work alongside you to assess whether administration is the appropriate option for you. Our considerable expertise in this area will ensure the process runs smoothly, securing the best outcome for both creditors and shareholders.

  • Free assessment – when you first meet one of our practitioners, a fully comprehensive and impartial assessment of your business is performed, ensuring you can be confident we are making the right choice for you.
  • Completely confidential – all of our practitioners understand and appreciate the delicate nature of business distress and are subject to the highest professional standards including client confidentiality.
  • No personal fees – in the majority of cases the fees for the administration order and subsequent administrative costs are recovered from the realisation of the company assets, meaning you do not have to worry about personal loss.
  • Leading insolvency advice – all of our engagements are director led, providing you with instant access to a lifetime of business experience.

Act now for the best outcome

There will almost always be a considerable amount of value remaining in your business, no matter how difficult you feel the situation has become.

By acting quickly you will be able to salvage the maximum value from the remaining business and its associated assets.  Create the best outcome for your business and its people – call McTear Williams and Wood now on 0800 331 7417.