Problems with debt and cashflow? – from HMRC to trade creditor pressure resolve your issues by arranging payment through a company voluntary arrangement.

Is debt weighing down your business? Are you unable to keep up the payments on your outstanding liabilities? Could your business thrive otherwise?  If so then a company voluntary arrangement could be the solution to your situation. This formal insolvency procedure allows you to restructure your company’s debt into simple manageable payments.

McTear Williams & Wood has a high success rate of getting CVA proposals approved by creditors. With our extensive accounting knowledge we are able to provide accurate cashflow forecasts for your business – and a realistic repayment schedule.  Allowing you the time to bring your enterprise back on track.

Act now for the best outcome – you have more options than you realise and with our help you can restructure and focus on your company’s future.

How Could A CVA Help Your Business?

Stop the pressure on your company – a CVA can prevent a winding up petition and help with payments to HMRC for VAT, PAYE and corporation tax.
Remove redundant contracts – cancel lease contracts, rental agreements and even terminate employment contracts.
Debts are frozen and creditors receive a better return – a CVA should be a better all-round arrangement both for your business and your creditors than a liquidation.
Remain in full control of your company – you stay at the head of your enterprise with full authority over business decisions.
Not advertised – your CVA is not publically advertised, unlike an administration or liquidation and you are under no obligation to tell your customers.

It's never too early to talk

Don't be nervous talking to an insolvency practitioner, if you're worried you might be losing control contact us early, there's more scope when people call us early as we're able to offer turnaround possibilities.

McTear Williams & Wood has 18 years’ experience working as a leading business rescue and insolvency expert in the South East. Contact one of our professional experts today.

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