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Has your business been issued with a winding up order? If so then you may feel personally responsible for this event. After months or even years of struggling in the business it’s easy to feel that this could be the end of the road for your company.  The Courts may be already appointing the Official Receiver to liquidate your company and you may wonder if you’ll ever have the chance to be the director of your own company again.  However, all is not lost. There may still me several routes available to your company that allow you to regain profitability and fight this order establishing balance and restoring growth.  With expert consultation from McTear, Williams & Wood we can help you explore the optimal outcome from this otherwise adverse situation.

Allow us to discuss your winding up order at our offices near Bury St Edmunds.  In a short, 1-2 hour appointment we can go through all the options available to you and help you understand you best course of action. 

Why use us?

  • Free initial appointment - McTear Williams & Wood are always happy to provide you with a review of your situation before you officially engage our services.
  • You’ll always deal with a senior practitioner - all our cases are handled by a leading director in the business, giving you the most comprehensive advice possible for your situation.
  • Expert advice and service - as a specialist insolvency focused business there are no situations that we have not seen before, allowing us to bring a depth of experience to your particular instance.
  • Understanding your personal situation – having been business owners ourselves we have the insight and empathy into the stresses and strains a winding up order can cause.
  • Help you buy back your company - many directors choose to purchase their business and assets back. We can help you achieve a positive outcome from such as process.

Act now

There are always options available to you even in the toughest times for your business. The important thing is to make a decisive move before your range of choices becomes limited. In a simple hour long initial consultation focusing on your winding up order with our experts based in Norwich you can find out what courses of action are available to you.  Call McTear Williams & Wood on 0800 331 741