Tony Harrison


Prospect House
Rouen Road
D: 01603 877641
T: 01603 877540
M: 07786 242344


Tony helps underperforming businesses using a professional and understanding approach and will listen to concerns without a charge or commitment (and confidential) basis to then advise on the available solutions. Tony advocates an early meeting as experience tells us that recovery options often erode over time.


  • Tony understands the challenges facing directors and managers of struggling companies and can provide assistance with first hand experience.
  • Began at McTear Williams & Wood by managing the more commercial aspects of insolvencies and gradually became more involved in the full range of insolvency procedures.
  • For three years Tony headed up the administration team – the group specialising in this insolvency process is usually used where a business can survive the insolvency process in some form.
  • Recently Tony has used his experience at the firm and in his exams to manage the full range of insolvency procedures and advise directors and individuals on their options as well as taking part in the firm’s business development.
  • His experience in business and accounting provides an understanding of how a business works and why it may not, allowing him to achieve the best outcome for stakeholders.
  • Tony’s strengths lie in an ability to rapidly understand situations and react to turn them to an advantage.
  • Whilst insolvency is highly regulated no two insolvency situations are the same and Tony enjoys the challenges that these different situations create.

Education/ previous employment

  • 18 years experience at McTear Williams & Wood, prior to that Tony was a financial controller in a foundry that was placed into administration so he’s seen it from all angles.
  • Passed the Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency in 2006.
  • Started life as an engineer gradually moved into accounting and ultimately became financial controller of a foundry that was placed into administration in 2004.
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