Winding up your company

We help over 80% of clients return to full profitability. When your business is in difficulty it is an extremely stressful time. It is hard not to take the problems in your company personally and you may feel responsible towards your staff and suppliers. Often the emotional involvement with business can cloud your vision and make identifying a clear solution difficult. 

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Thinking of winding up your company?

You may see no way out leaving you thinking of winding up your company but there still could be a host of other options available.  This is where we step into the picture.  Our practice has a single mission – to help businesses like yours and where possible return them to full profitability.  During our time in business we have helped hundreds of companies back from the brink to full solvency. 

You will gain access to a lifetime of insolvency experience – all of our engagements are director led ensuring you get the very best advice that we have to offer at every opportunity.  If you have already formed a turnaround plan we can help confirm those plans.  Use our expert help to check your facts and figures are both realistic and viable, giving you the confidence to proceed.

How can we help?

  • Receive free advice until we agree an engagement – in the first instance one of our advisors will provide you with free initial advice, helping you understand all the options available to you and giving you choices regarding your future.
  • Service that is built around your needs – from out of hours meetings on or off site we deliver the highest standard of service to meet your requirements, allowing you to still run your business whilst exploring options for the future.

Moving forward

  • Key personnel to help you move forward – where necessary we are able to suggest interim turnaround managers with a considerable experience of working with distressed companies.
  • Winding up your business – it may be the case that closing down your business is the best option. In this instance we can work as the liquidators helping you achieve maximum value and even reselling your company.

Don't delay, act now

Don’t delay, act now and you will have the maximum number of options for business. Even if you think winding up your company is the only option it could still pay to receive the expert advice of our insolvency experts. Call us for the best solution.

Hayley Watson


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Hayley started her career working at McTear Williams & Wood in 2005 and is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner advising companies and individuals experiencing financial difficulties and works with a variety of stakeholders to establish and implement the best strategy for individuals and companies experiencing financial difficulties.

Hayley acts as an Insolvency Practitioner in all forms of corporate insolvency including creditors’ voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidations, solvent members’ liquidations and company voluntary arrangements as well as advising individuals and acts as an insolvency practitioner for individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies.

Hayley qualified as a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner in 2019 and was appointed Director in March 2024.  She is currently Chair of R3 Eastern Region committe and have over 19 years of experience in insolvency.

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