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All bankers have one thing in common – they don’t like surprises.

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Being a leading regional business rescue and insolvency firm we are not on any national bank panels so can provide genuine independent advice helping you help your customer through a difficult trading situation. 

Our banking experts understand how banks work and also understand the pressure you are feeling. As there is no single approach that suits all cases they will talk through your situation in confidence before giving you specific and tailored advice. 

After successful careers in corporate lending and business turnaround banking they maintain good relationships with all main banks and asset based lenders and can help you seek out alternative fund providers should this become necessary. 

We also work alongside your existing advisors. We don’t prepare accounts, do audits or tax work so have no conflict of interest.

When talking to your bank might be appropriate?

  • Your account is moved into an intensive care department at the bank.
  • High bank fees and interest rates are imposed.
  • Your business is being pushed into factoring.
  • Your banking facility is reduced or withdrawn.
  • You are invited to bank elsewhere.

Good banking relationships are key to most successful businesses. If your business is struggling we can help you negotiate with your bank by giving advice that can make a real difference or by sitting alongside you at a crunch meeting. Let us know how we can help on 0800 331 7417.

Phil Bailey


Phil is an experienced turnaround and recovery director with over 28 years of experience and joined McTear Williams & Wood as an associate in 2020.

  • Over 28 years of banking experience working with corporate clients worldwide.
  • Five years as a turnaround director helping clients in the early stages of cashflow difficulties and avoiding defaults and insolvency processes.
  • Advising on access to alternative forms of funding and advice on managing banking relationships.

Phil has worked in Corporate Banking throughout East Anglia including King’s Lynn, Norwich, Cambridge and Peterborough.

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