Is your business experiencing increased cashflow pressures?

Perhaps your business is feeling the squeeze as a result of decreased trading due to the current cost of living crisis. Just as consumers are feeling the pinch the cost of doing business has also surged and this may be causing you increased cashflow problems.

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Is your business struggling?

Perhaps you are experiencing increased pressure from creditors or maybe there isn’t enough cash to pay the wages – whatever your situation we are experienced in these matters and help you navigate your way to a solution.

Some of the options available to you could include:

Setting up a Time to Pay (TTP) arrangement if you owe money to HMRC – which allows you to repay your tax arrears over a period of up to 12 months. We would open up negotiations and facilitate these discussions on your behalf.

Assessing whether your company’s problems have taken it beyond the point of rescue making the company insolvent and if there is no likelihood of being able to turn the situation around provide you with the support you need to close down the business.

Will HMRC give my company Time to Pay?

If your business is having problems paying its tax bill or arrears you may be able to agree a ‘Time to Pay Arrangement’ with HMRC allowing you to pay your tax in instalments over a longer period. We can help you negotiate such an agreement. 

HMRC are flexible (within limits) although basic criteria will need to be met. All taxes can be subject to Time to Pay arrangements but it’s often used for Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE in relation to companies.

How can we help?

Above are just some of the possible options available to you and other businesses in your situation. However, it is vital you seek expert help and advice as soon as possible. The sooner you take action the more options will be available to you and the business. 

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Hayley Watson


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Cambridge office contact details:

Hayley started her career working at McTear Williams & Wood in 2005 and is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner advising companies and individuals experiencing financial difficulties.

Hayley acts as an Insolvency Practitioner in all forms of corporate insolvency including creditors’ voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidations, solvent members’ liquidations and company voluntary arrangements as well as advising individuals and acts as an insolvency practitioner in individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies.

Works with a variety of stakeholders to establish and implement the best strategy for individuals and companies experiencing financial difficulties.

Qualified as a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner in 2019 and a Director in March 2024, is a member and currently Chair of the R3 Eastern Region.  Has over 19 years’ experience in insolvency.  Gained Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency in 2010.

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