Emergency business funding

Are multiple issues with cashflow impacting your ability to conduct day to day business? Have you considered emergency business finance or other measures to secure the future of your enterprise?

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Is your business struggling?

Many businesses undergo periods of stress and difficulty. It’s not uncommon for external events to often cause shocks and problems within a company that can cause you to lose focus and resources leaving you with the task of getting things back on track.

This is where emergency business funding can help you out. If the demands of HMRC are becoming insistent or you need to cover your payroll on the last Friday of the month to keep the wheels of business turning then lending institutions can be a godsend.

What are my options?

Of course it can be difficult to know what your options are in times of stress.  Deciding on what type of finance best suits your situation and where to find a lender can pose problems at short notice.

What documentation is needed?

Any institution that is serious about providing your business with the capital you need to return to profitability and get back on course will also require substantial documented evidence of both your current situation and your business plan.  It’s not enough to simply rely on your credit rating or past performance to secure finance.

What type of funding?

From traditional forms of asset backed lending including invoice discounting through to more modern systems of finance such as crowd-funding, how can you decied on the optimimum way to generate the money you need?

Frequently asked questions

To support you in your search for emergency business funding we have created an information archive that details responses to all frequently asked questions.  Each article has been produced by our expert team of advisors giving you fast access to real industry knowlege necesary to support your decision.

Phil Bailey


Phil is an experienced turnaround and recovery director. He has over 28 years of banking experience working with corporate clients worldwide and advises on access to alternative forms of funding and advice on managing the banking relationships and joined McTear Williams & Wood in 2020 as an associate.

He spent five years as a turnaround director helping clients in the early stages of cashflow difficulties and avoiding defaults and insolvency processes and five years as Recoveries Director and Head of High Value Recoveries maximising the value of assets and reducing client liabilities as well as negotiating full and final settlements between the bank and clients to allow for speedy settlements and for both parties to move on.

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