Personal debt and creditor pressure

If you have complex financial needs that could be linked to the failure of a business a bespoke individual voluntary arrangement with McTear Williams & Wood could be the answer.

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Tailored solutions

Even for high net worth individuals or senior directors there can be times when the financial outlook becomes difficult. These could be associated with cashflow problems with a business leading to pressure from creditors. Whatever the reason behind a rapidly deteriorating personal financial situation McTear Williams & Wood is able to tailor a solution that provides assistance assist.

We specialise exclusively on bespoke solutions for individuals with complex financial needs. We don’t operate on the basis where one size fits all. Working with one of our senior team we have the empathy and understanding necessary to help you through this difficult situation.

In one simple meeting with one of our senior team  will be able to let you know whether or not your debts can be restructured or written off. This will allow you to free up your time from dealing with pressing creditors and get back to the more important tasks of running a business and getting back on your financial feet.

Our service standards

  • Free consultation – when you contact McTear Williams & Wood a meeting will be arranged where we offer you free assistance and give you a full and honest assessment of your situation.
  • Confidential service – in accordance with the highest profession standard, all of our meetings and any information you give us is kept private and not shared with any other organisation or authority.
  • Understanding and personal approach – is centred on your needs and helping you move forward.
  • Out of hours advice – our experts work will around your business and needs, whether you require a pre-work meeting in the morning or a later appointment in the evening.

Act now for the best results

If you are experiencing financial difficulties it can sometimes be hard to admit that you require assistance. However, the earlier you seek at advice the more options are often available to you.  Meet with one of our senior team for a free assessment and find out the best course of action for you to resolve your personal and business issues. 

Scott Earrey


Norwich office contact details:

Ipswich office contact details:

Scott is an experienced advisor to individuals encountering financial difficulties.

Scott has over 25 years’ experience in dealing with insolvency cases of all types and sizes and providing creative insolvency advice and specialises in dealing with personal insolvency including complex individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies.

He also has extensive experience of company voluntary arrangements and liquidations and is able on his experience to provide the most appropriate solutions and advice to each situation.

Scott has led on an array of complex personal insolvency situations and over the years seen most situations that can occur in personal insolvency cases.

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