As well as offering advice for your distressed business we can also help you deal with your personal financial difficulties where these are related to your business activities.

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The challenges

Personal insolvency comes with unique challenges as the assets of an individual are at stake and this often includes a family home as well as business assets. Our personal insolvency specialists understand the impact of financial distress on all those involved including the debtor, the family and the creditors.

Bankruptcy is a formal insolvency procedure and occurs when a Trustee is appointed by the Court to sell your assets and distribute the proceeds of sale to your creditors. You can either choose to become bankrupt or it can be enforced against you if you cannot pay your debts as they come due. Filing bankruptcy can be a straightforward and clear way of resolving your personal financial affairs.

For most people bankruptcy lasts for one year but the consequences of it can stay on your credit history for longer. It is important that you understand the implications of becoming bankrupt and if there are any alternatives. For many people it is the best option especially if you have ever growing personal debts that are spiralling out of control. We can help you overcome these hurdles.

If you have been made bankrupt after running a business your affairs may be more complicated and it would be worth seeking independent professional advice from a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

How can we help?

We understand the pressures and can help you identify the best course of action. We are experienced and can offer innovative solutions to your problems, we never judge but we do offer impartial, independent and completely confidential advice.

Other personal insolvency solutions can include informal arrangements, debt management plans or individual voluntary arrangements (‘IVAs’).

Scott Earrey


Norwich office contact details:

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Scott is an experienced advisor to individuals encountering financial difficulties.

Scott has over 25 years’ experience in dealing with insolvency cases of all types and sizes and providing creative insolvency advice and specialises in dealing with personal insolvency including complex individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies.

He also has extensive experience of company voluntary arrangements and liquidations and is able on his experience to provide the most appropriate solutions and advice to each situation.

Scott has led on an array of complex personal insolvency situations and over the years seen most situations that can occur in personal insolvency cases.

If you need advice regarding filing bankruptcy please do not hesitate to contact Scott Earrey, our personal insolvency specialist, on freephone 0800 331 7417 who can provide you with some free and confidential initial advice.

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