Thinking of a pre-pack administration in Milton Keynes?

When insolvency seems like the only option - there may be another choice

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When your business is struggling you might feel like you are running out of options fast. Pressure from creditors, HMRC and payroll can weight heavy on your financial capacity. All your available time could even be taken up trying to simply answer calls and service the debt. 

One option you may not have explored is a pre-pack administration. Use this measure to restructure your business. Shed your existing debt with a sale of company assets and buy these back as a third party to relaunch your operation as an entirely new entity. Maintain key relationships with customers and clients with a smooth transition from the old to the new. 

McTear Williams & Wood is ideally positioned to support your business through this process. Take advantage of our 25 years plus of insolvency and management accounting expertise to help take you through this sometimes difficult and fraught process to a successful and preferential conclusion. 

Get all the facts on your situation with a simple 1 – 2 hour consultation appointment to review a potential pre-pack administration at our Milton Keynes offices. Engage with one of our senior partners and receive a full review of both your circumstances and options. 

Why choose McTear Williams & Wood?

  • Dedicated insolvency practitioners – allowing us to give you the full benefit of our experience working with businesses like your – helping you avoid all the potential pitfalls and difficulties in the process.
  • Confidential expert advice – any advice we provide you is completely private in line with the highest professional standards set by our industry. Additionally we are able to meet you outside of your busy business days.
  • Free consultation session – our first consultation session is always free of charge and this often gives you access to our best advice and our ideas for your business’s next step.
  • Effective turnaround support – if you are unsure as to whether your business might be salvageable, McTear Williams & Wood is able to provide you with all the services to turn your business around.

Your next step

There is only a limited time window for your business to implement a pre-pack administration. The sooner you act, the more options are available to you as alternatives and the greater the chance is that this chosen pathway will be successful. Call McTear Williams & Wood today to find out if a pre-pack administration will fulfil your business needs. We will set up an appointment at our offices in Milton Keynes and in a short consultation period talk you through all the implications of this course of action.  To set up your appointment please call us on 0800 331 7417