Scott Earrey


St Vincent House
Cutler Street

01473 218191 | 01473 384924 | 07971 529905


Experienced expert adviser to individuals encountering financial difficulties.


  • Scott has over 25 years’ experience in dealing with insolvency cases of all types and sizes and providing creative insolvency advice.
  • Specialises in dealing with personal insolvency including complex individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies.
  • Also has extensive experience of company voluntary arrangements and liquidations.
  • Able to call on his experience to provide the most appropriate solutions and advice to each situation.
  • Led on an array of complex personal insolvency situations and over the years seen most situations that can occur in personal insolvency cases.

 Education/previous employment

  • Started his insolvency career in 1997 training at large national top 10 accountancy firms.
  • Joined a regional chartered accountancy firm in 2006 specialising in personal insolvency.
  • Joined McTear Williams & Wood in May 2020.
  • Scott is qualified by over 25 years experience.