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Concerned about the future of your company or worried about personal liability?  Working with you to steer your business in the right direction.

You have more options than you realise

If you are a director of a company in difficulty you may feel personally responsible for the situation. The positive and progressive mindset that won you success in the past may have deserted you but becoming aware of your options will often give you a different perspective. Talking to an expert advisor who can point you in the right direction is the first step in this process.

When it comes to experience the chances are we will have seen a situation just like yours before. There is a tendency to think that your business issues are unique. Actually most companies suffer a degree of financial distress at some point and having helped literally hundreds of through such difficulties this gives us the ability to quickly recognise your issues and recommend tried and trusted solutions.

No matter what difficulties your business is experiencing McTear Williams & Wood will set you on the best course. Establish your options for business recovery – call us today on 0800 331 7417.

Make informed choices

At McTear Williams & Wood we always provide potential clients with a free assessment. This might run over an initial meeting and a couple of follow up meetings until we are clear that we can provide you with the answers you need. We often give out some of our best advice and a plan for recovery in these meetings.

It is only when you choose to engage us as your recover and turnaround advisor or if necessary to help close down your business that a formal engagement is agreed.

Tony Harrison


Tony helps underperforming businesses using a professional and understanding approach and will listen to concerns on a without charge or commitment (on a confidential) basis and then advises on the available solutions.  

With over 19 years of experience at McTear Williams & Wood Tony understands the challenges facing directors and managements of struggling companies and can provide assistance with first hand experience.  His strengths lie in an ability to rapidly understand situations and react to turn them to an advantage.

Tony advocates an early confidential meeting as experience tells us that recovery options are often eroded over time.

How we help you

There are a number of different services that we provide to directors to help you through some of the most common business challenges.

  • Avoid insolvency pitfalls – make sure that the directors don’t cross any red lines when paying dividends, settling intercompany accounts and dealing with creditors correctly.
  • Negotiate with creditors – we can help you negotiate time to pay agreements with HMRC or maybe you have received an Accelerated Payment Notice (“APN”), if so we can help you gain vital breathing space to restructure debts so that you can free up cash flow whilst still honouring debts with other creditors.
  • Help avoid personal liability – you could be personally liable for some of the company’s debts, we can guide you to help minimise this exposure.
  • Close down your company – in certain circumstances you may decide that it is not optimal to continue operations and want to cease trading. In this case McTear Williams & Wood can quickly help you achieve the best outcome.

Discover your options

If your business is suffering and you are unsure of the right plan of action – then be sure to act now and speak to an expert at McTear Williams & Wood. The sooner you contact us the more options will be available to you.

Is your business struggling to make repayments on a Bounce Back Loan (‘BBL’) that was taken out during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic? We can help you understand what options might be available to ease the strain. Speak to one of our experts and arrange a free initial consultation meeting.
As well as offering advice for your distressed business we can also help you deal with your personal financial difficulties where these are related to your business activities.
Personal Insolvency
If you have complex financial needs that could be linked to the failure of a business a bespoke individual voluntary arrangement with McTear Williams & Wood could be the answer.
Just when the business challenges are starting to make sense, personal difficulties can overtake you. Individuals may face financial difficulties arising from business activities.
Personal Insolvency
When insolvency looms all directors want to do their best to look after company employees.  
Discover how we can help ease the pressure and save your business. Talk to one of our experts and determine the best course of action.

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