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We provide a wide range of other services to support businesses and organisations going through financial distress.

How we can help you

We provide a wide range of services from administration, CVA, and more. Our experts can also help you maintain your organisation’s critical cashflow functions – by sitting alongside you in negotiations with suppliers, HMRC and banks and even providing interim management solutions.

Are you worried about insolvency fraud and director disqualification, if so get advice on how to avoid disqualification whilst ensuring your actions remain lawful if your company is facing insolvency
Our expert team handles complex insolvency and fraud investigations across jurisdictions, offering no win, no fee terms for suitable cases.
Do you have a large quantity of your money tied up in your company? We can assist you in getting your hands on this amount, tax efficiently using a solvent liquidation process (or MVL). Getting money from your company at 10% tax is easier than you expect.
Gain a clear picture of company finances with forensic accounting. Are you involved in a financial dispute or suspect that cash has gone missing? If so, then developing a clear understanding of the situation is vital before making any judgements or actions.
We work with legal teams in assets tracing, recovery of book debts through court proceedings, recovering loans from directors and third parties and utilising the full range of Insolvency Act powers.
If you are a creditor or a professional advisor to a creditor of an insolvent company and wish to see claims brought against a director our team can help investigate your concerns and advise you whether there are viable claims that can be pursued.

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