Business rescue: The light at the end of the tunnel

Over 80% of clients referred to us avoid a formal insolvency process and a business or company rescue could help you join their numbers.  Are you struggling to pay your creditors?  Is cashflow rather than profit dictating your business decisions?

Business rescue

If your business is experiencing financial distress you are not alone.  Fluctuations in the economy and unexpected events can disturb even the most carefully constructed business plans.We have a team of experts to assist you through this challenging period and proven company rescue procedures that have helped hundreds of companies avoid insolvency.The sooner you contact us with your business difficulties the more options you’ll have to get your company back on track.  We can:
  • Assess your current situation with a company review – in the first instance we will effectively work with you to fully review your business’s current situation and pin point and understand the challenges and possible solutions. You will not be charged for this key stage in the rescue process.
  • Establish an adequate and realistic action plan – if you engage our services our experts can produce an action plan for business rescue. If you already have such a plan we can provide you with an objective assessment of its viability, giving you the confidence that all the bases are covered.
  • Gain short term liquidity – whatever the reason with unrivalled experience and knowledge of how to negotiate with creditors our experts will work alongside you to improve the cashflow your company requires.

Assisting you to stabilise a business in crisis

Our experts are able to help you maintain business’s critical cashflow functions – by sitting alongside you in negotiations with suppliers, HMRC and banks and even providing interim management solutions and turnaround funding opportunities.

Tony Harrison


Tony helps underperforming businesses using a professional and understanding approach and will listen to concerns on a without charge or commitment (on a confidential) basis and then advises on the available solutions.  

With over 19 years of experience at McTear Williams & Wood Tony understands the challenges facing directors and managements of struggling companies and can provide assistance with first hand experience.  His strengths lie in an ability to rapidly understand situations and react to turn them to an advantage.

Tony advocates an early confidential meeting as experience tells us that recovery options are often eroded over time.

Three out of four clients we advise avoid a formal insolvency process altogether. Our Directors’ Guide can help navigate around insolvency issues and avoid potential pitfalls.
Is your business struggling with your PAYE bill? We ease the pressure of repayments – talk to an expert advisor for the best course of action.
Is your business struggling with VAT? We ease the pressure of repayments – talk to an expert advisor for the best course of action.
Get the facts on your debt and cashflow problems – from HMRC to trade creditor pressure – in an expert call with our licensed insolvency practitioners.
At McTear Williams & Wood we always consider the business rescue options first. It is tough running a business under financial pressure and this can carry through to your family and eventually affect your health too.
Avoid insolvency by recognising and identifying the early warning signs.

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