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Turn your business around with professional corporate recovery services from McTear Williams & Wood. Call now on 0800 331 7417.

Many businesses suffer from cashflow problems during their lifetime.  Often these can be exacerbated by pressures from HMRC for payment of VAT, PAYE and corporation tax bills.  With bigger companies taking 90 days to pay invoices it can be difficult to know the best course of action when your finances are off track.

Get a clear picture of all your options with accurate and professional insolvency advice.  It’s not always about shutting down your company.  With good management of any adverse situation you can restructure your debt into payment plans, negotiate with HMRC or even relaunch your business as a new entity.

As part of our commitment to new clients McTear Williams & Wood offer all prospective clients a simple one to two hour appointment where we can go through all the options available to you helping you understand the best course of action to return your business to profitability.

Our services include the following:

Our experts have years of experience assisting businesses find their way back to profit.

Often companies need an authority or manager who has experience dealing with the difficult trading circumstances that go with a business in distress. We have a network of interim managers with specialist skills to help you through this difficult time.

With links to specialist lenders we can help even the most distressed businesses access additional credit.

We can help you extract cash from your company in the most tax efficient manner.

If your company is insolvent McTear Williams & Wood will advise and help you understand all the options.

Why act now?

Thanks to our experience working as insolvency practitioners in Bournemouth we have supported many businesses across a wide variety of business sectors and have encountered most financial situations – from defaulting debtors through to over extending credit agreements.

Our advice is impartial, confidential and always has the best interests of our clients at heart.  Call us on 0800 331 7417.

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