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Today’s modern business climate is a fast moving and changeable place.  One minute you can be flying high, making money rapidly and turning a great profit.  Yet it only takes one or two changes in technology, currency or the market and you can find your revenues are quickly eroded leaving you wondering how to get your operation back on track.

Many directors do not realise that they have many options for business recovery and to protect themselves from personal liability. However, over time the potential routes back to profitability diminish – meaning that early action is key in times of business distress.

Talk to one of the leading insolvency practitioners in Bedford, McTear Williams & Wood, to ascertain the best course of action for your a simple one to two hour consultation – which we provide to all potential new clients free of charge. This will help you understand all the facts about your position and give the chance to develop a plan.

Our services include the following:

Our experts have years of experience assisting businesses find their way back to profit.

Often companies need an authority or manager who has experience dealing with the difficult trading circumstances that go with a business in distress. We have a network of interim managers with specialist skills to help you through this difficult time.

With links to specialist lenders we can help even the most distressed businesses access additional credit.

We can help you extract cash from your company in the most tax efficient manner.

If your company is insolvent McTear Williams & Wood will advise and help you understand all the options.

Why act now?

Over our years operating as insolvency practitioners we have worked with businesses in all types of industries suffering from business distress.

This has given us an extensive knowledge of how to practically implement our solutions – and we always give free, confidential, impartial advice to help guide your future Call us on 0800 331 7417.


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