Indoor bowls tournament

Every year the East Anglia insolvency practice, McTear Williams & Wood, sponsor an indoor bowls tournament in Diss. Each year they support a charity and this year The Little Ouse Headwaters Project (LOHP) was very pleased to be chosen. We are grateful for their very generous gift of £2,160 and feel there are some distinct similarities between our organisations. McTear Williams & Wood rescue individuals and companies from financial disaster and where possible restructure companies to remain in business. The LOHP rescues habitates from decline, improves and restores the natural environment and conserves them for the benefit of current and future communities. I was able to encourage the tournament audience to visit our sitest o see for themselves how donations help save and improve local habitats. Risking a groan-worthy pun I can really say we were ‘bowled over’ by the size of the cheque.

Peter Coster, Chair
The Little Ouse Headwater Project Newsletter – August 2017

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