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Whilst your business is in trouble and the daily demand of creditors could be tying up your phone, it doesn’t mean you should give up the fight and close your company with a creditors' voluntary liquidation. You may be surprised there are official measures to help you contend with the pressures of the bank, HMRC, payroll and suppliers. 

Taking the first step on the road back to business profitability means arming yourself with all the necessary information to make the right move, but are you sure you understand all your choices? 

You could restructure your company debt with a company voluntary arrangement ("CVA"), extend your window of payment with a 'time to pay arrangement' from HMRC or even utilise management accounting experts to give you the leadership needed to bring your operation back on course and McTear Williams & Wood could play a crucial role in your story. Our service always kicks off with a free initial consultation where you can get all the information you need to make a fully informed decision that’s best for you, your company and most of all, your future. 

During our time of operation we have helped several businesses contend with liquidations in Peterborough giving us the vital knowledge necessary to steer you in the direction best for you. 

Why use our service?

  • Confidential advice on your terms – at McTear Williams & Wood you will receive a professional service with the capacity to work around you – including out of hours calls and appointments.
  • Working on your behalf – if you decide to use a CVL to extract your money from your company, then we can talk to your creditors and ensure that your business is closed down properly.
  • All legal obligations are discharged – when your company is shut down there are a number of legal requirements that must be met so that you are not personally liable. We are able to make sure that all the correct procedures are followed. 

Act now for the best result

With all insolvency matters it is always advisable to contact an insolvency practitioner as early as possible in the process to ensure that the full spectrum of solutions is considered. As time passes it may be that some of the options for turnaround such as agreements with HMRC or debt restructuring are no longer viable so act now. Call us to arrange your appointment at our offices in Peterborough to find out your full range of options.  Arrange an appointment today – 0800 331 7417