County Court Enforcement options - Are you owed money by an insolvent company?

If you are the major creditor then McTear Williams & Wood can provide you with insolvency options to help you recover your debt.

All businesses prefer to collect money they are owed the easy way. However, when phone calls, credit control and letters of demand are not working then there's a good chance the matter could end up in Court.

If your debtors do no pay you in the time stipulated by the small claims courts then they will end up with a CCJ against the business. Although this may impact their ability to continue trading it may not help you recover your debt.

This is where McTear Williams & Wood can help you. If you are the majority or a major creditor you should be in a strong commercial position and we can help you to place it into insolvency. The threat of such an action often aids a fast and effective recovery of unpaid invoices.

How can we help you retrieve the outstanding debt?

  • Business investigation - do you suspect the company owing you money is insolvent? McTear Williams & Wood can provide a business investigation to find out the real state of the business.
  • Business restructuring - let us work with the company that owes you money to provide turnaround management to get them back on track giving them the liquidity to meet their obligations.
  • Administration - when restructuring your debtor's business is no longer a viable option McTear Williams & Wood can work with you to put the business into administration or liquidation.
  • Forensic accounting - if your debt has tried to conceal assets or where its directors have behaved inappropriately McTear Williams & Wood has a forensic recovery team that are able to reverse their actions.

Retrieve your money today

In order to retrieve as much of your debt as quickly as possible contact McTear Williams & Wood and find out how using our business rescue and insolvency process could be your best option.  Call us on 0800 331 7417 to discuss your options.