Company administration

If your business is failing but can be sold as a going concern at a premium or can benefit from continuing to trade to complete contracts and work in progress an administration order may be appropriate.

Administration is a legal process designed to help struggling but potentially viable companies by protecting a business from its creditors whilst restructuring takes place. If your company is in debt and under pressure from creditors or perhaps is being threatened with legal action such as a winding up petition, seeking the protection of administration will prevent any further legal action. Ideally companies in administration can continue to trade through its difficulties and come out the other side as a going concern but if that is not possible it can be used to achieve 'a better realisation of assets' or to facilitate a payment to preferential and secured creditors.

How can McTear Williams & Wood help?

Administrators' primary purpose is to get an ailing company back on its feet. Our team has experience of administrations of many different industries and business sectors and where possible will work with you and your existing management team to achieve the best possible outcome.

When might administration be appropriate? For instance:

  • When it just isn't possible to persuade creditors to support the company any longer.
  • When cash-flow pressures are building but there is still a potentially viable business to save.
  • When there is a need to move quickly and sell the business and assets.
  • Ultimately if the company is insolvent and by keeping it intact and acting quickly creditors can benefit.

These days directors can choose their own administrator to work with rather than waiting for the bank or another creditor to impose one. Contact us now, in confidence, to find out if administration may be the appropriate route for your company.

Businesses for sale

Sometimes there is a need to sell the business and/or assets arising out of an administration and you can find out more about businesses for sale both from McTear Williams & Wood and other insolvency practitioners at the UK’s leading insolvent business and asset website – this is the UK’s online market place for buyers and sellers of businesses in distress.

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