Guides to Insolvency Procedures

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Here we provide a general guide to insolvency which takes you through the waterfall of insolvency options from least to most severe and brief guides to the most common types of corporate insolvency procedures. 

Simply click on the images below to download these.  The guides contain links to fuller, more detailed information on each subject matter where applicable. Alternatively, follow the below links:

A brief guide to insolvency
A brief guide to company administrations
A brief guide to company voluntary arrangements
A brief guide to compulsory liquidations
A brief guide to creditors' voluntary liquidations
A brief guide to members' voluntary liquidations

R3 Get Back to Business: A guide to dealing with corporate financial distress

R3 has launched a new resource to provide directors and business owners with a one-stop guide to the options open to them to deal with their corporate financial difficulties.

The guide: Get Back to Business: A guide to dealing with corporate financial distress is available for free from R3’s Back to Business website and aims to make it easier for directors to understand their options and take action to stand the best change of resolving the financial issues facing their firms.

It provides a one stop guide to the main options – both informal and statutory – that are available to resolve corporate financial distress.

Explains how the insolvency and restructuring framework and profession can help to rescue viable businesses, save jobs and repay creditors.

Helps to point directors to qualified and regulated sources of this advice.

Sets out the duties and responsibilities of company directors and the actions that can be taken against directors where these aren’t met.

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